Plan Type : Retailer Plan
PSA (PAN Card Services Agent)


Turn your Shop/Office into UTIITSL Authorised PAN Card Agency which work as Customer Service Point to those customer who are willing to apply for New PAN Card / Correction/Change Request / Lost/Damage/Re-issue of PAN

Eligibility Criteria


  • Valid Aadhaar Number
  • Above 18 years of age.
  • Basic Knowledge of Computer/Internet
  • Hardware

  • PC/Laptop
  • Scanner
  • Printer
  • Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure: Shop/Office Accessible to General Public

Salient Features

  • Direct UTI-PSA Website Login Access
  • Process All Types of PAN Applications eg New/Correction/Lost
  • Easy Process To Apply PAN
  • Assured Cashback Per PAN Application
  • Full Training
  • Supporting Tools and Softwares
  • Life-Time Tech Support
  • Get Certficate of Registration


  • A Customer wiiling to Apply For PAN visits your center/shop
  • You Login to UTI-PSA PAN Portal and submit PAN Application as Per Customer's Aadhaar Card Data
  • On Successful Submition of Form, Acknowledgement is generated which you can produce to customer.

Grab This Plan

  • Fill Registration Form given below
  • Submit & Pay Joining Fee
  • (Give us little time to validate your details and generate your UTIITSL Credentials)
  • Login using credentials received in your registered email id
  • Buy Coupons in order to process PAN Applications and Enjoy Speedy & hasselfree Services


Where will I login in order to work as PAN Services Agent?

  • UTIITSL Website (

What is term 'Coupon'?

  • Coupons are prepaid tokens provided by UTIITSL. Literally 1 Coupon= 1 PAN Application. It Means If You have Qty -X Coupons in your wallet and You process 1 PAN Applicationm Your New Coupon Balance will be X-1

How can I add coupon to my UTI-PSA Account?

  • Login To 'DHARSAN HI TECH SOLUTIONS POWER BY DT GROUPS' Portal, Select Qty of Coupon required and Pay. It will be actioned after scrutiny

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